Security Camera Systems

Safe and Secure

Security cameras and systems are essential in keeping your business safe and secure from external and even internal threats.

Just having cameras in place is a major deterrent to potential misconduct and even crime.

Multiple types of cameras are available to fit any need or requirement and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and implement.

If you need to secure a retail space, an office, construction site or any other type of area, Azuris can help you design and implement the right system for your business.

Protection with Remote Video Surveillance

Azuris protects your property when you’re not there to give you ultimate peace of mind. How? We take a three-pronged approach to remote video surveillance: advanced cameras, AI technology and highly trained remote guards.

This trifecta of protection keeps your property safe so you can sleep better at night. We prevent crime at the property you’ve worked so hard to build so you can focus all of your energy on growing your business.

Best In Class Video Surveillance Technology

Whether your property is a rural construction site or a downtown auto dealership, get the security you need with our mobile or permanent remote surveillance solutions.
(solar and wi-fi units available when needed)

A.I. & Machine Learning

Stay one step ahead of criminals with advanced technology that gets smarter as it goes.



Audio & Visual Deterrents

Bright lights and booming warnings are automatically triggered to scare off criminals quickly.


Smart Security Cameras

Get 360-degree surveillance 24/7 with cameras that can see through darkness, dust, smoke and snow.

Self Storage Monitoring


Self storage units are a prime target for thieves. Don’t let your facility be another statistic.  See how remote video monitoring can secure your property today.
10% of storage facilities get targeted by thieves, and the average cost per theft is $11k.  So, the question is, will your tenants trust you with their valuables if your facility is prone to these security incidents?
Over 400 self storage break ins occur every year. And all thieves need are some bolt cutters and stellar timing.  With risks like this, you need a security solution that proactively deters crime.
Even if you have a current system in place today, we can add remote video monitoring.  Our service works with 98% of IP Video Cameras on the market today.

Retail Strip Centers


Retail Strip Centers pose challenging security threats due to their back alleys, storefronts and parking lots.  
Fortunately, our security systems keep vulnerable areas safely monitored and protects the property with voice-down communication to deter criminals, notifying law enforcement when necessary.
This will give your customers the protection they deserve so they can shop, eat, and have a great time in peace.
Contact us today and let us help you deter criminals that are looking for an easy score.


Deterring 97% of intruders at retail centers without human intervention.

Deterring 97% of intruders at construction sites without human intervention.

Deter 97% of intruders at Auto Dealerships without calling for human intervention.

You don't have to do it alone.

Many businesses think it is cost prohibitive to have quality help, but think about how much lost productivity you have had when IT issues arise.  Don’t go it alone, let’s partner together and eliminate your IT pain!