Secure Cloud Applications and Email

Email Security

FortiMail Cloud protects your users from phishing and other email-based attacks, including business email compromise and clicking on malicious websites. Multiple levels of analysis accurately identify known and advanced threats before they become a problem and block unwanted spam. Data loss prevention filters ensure outbound communications adhere to business policies.

Better protect Microsoft Office 365

Tight integration with Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365 supports both in-line and out-of-band deployments. Real-time threat scanning and post-delivery clawback initiate if a message is identified to contain a threat or violates a defined policy, such as confidentiality. Adds industry leading security and threat intelligence to enhance native Microsoft security.

Adopt SaaS Securely

Gain critical insight to protect your business and reduce risk with simple, policy-based oversight into users, behaviors, and data. Whether preventing sensitive information from leaking out, or stopping malware from getting in and spreading, FortiCASB gives you the confidence to run SaaS safely without affecting the user experience.

Gain Insight and Reduce Risk

With direct integrations into SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Salesforce, FortiCASB gives administrators the power to take actions such as enforce access control, lock down permissions, and isolate and remove malware. Pre-defined reports make compliance easier with industry standards including SOX, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA.


Security Complexity is Out of Control

Security Complexity is Out of Control

3 Key Questions to Secure Your Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

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