IT Infrastructure


IT Infrastructure is the very foundation that your business is built upon.  Just like a building, the foundation determines its strength and health.

With technology changing, it is easy for infrastructure to be outdated very quickly, leaving your foundation vulnerable.

Azuris can help you assess, build and maintain an infrastructure that will keep your business strong and healthy.


Networking & Wireless

The very essence that underpins your business and its ability to operate.  It is critical that your wired and wireless network are operating at peak performance and security.

This is not an area that should be left to a relative or friend.  Rely on certified professionals that can make sure your network is implemented and running properly.

Internet Broker

Have you had the same Internet provider for a while or are opening a new office?  Do you think you have exhausted the options for Internet service?

For free, we can use your address to broker all possible options for Internet service.  There are literally hundreds of ISP’s that you have never heard of because they don’t spend millions on advertising like the big dogs.

We will provide all options and assist you in choosing what is right for your company.


Phone systems have come a long way, but are as critical as ever.  Voice Over IP (VOIP) has revolutionized communications.  Now that BPX’s have moved into the cloud, anyone can have an Enterprise level phone system at a low cost.

In addition, VOIP system include even more services and capabilities than their predecessors lacked, providing your business greater capabilities.

Azuris can help you move to a new VOIP system that can increase reliability and capability while reducing costs.

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras and systems are essential in keeping your business safe and secure from external and even internal threats.

Just having cameras in place is a major deterrent to potential misconduct and even crime.

Multiple types of cameras are available to fit any need or requirement and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and implement.

If you need to secure a retail space, an office, construction site or any other type of area, Azuris can help you design and implement the right system for your business.


From simple to complex, you can be sure that Azuris will install cabling that looks clean and ensure it is reliable.

We can do anything from retail space and franchise restaurants to new office space.

If your cabling is a mess or maybe you moved into an existing space that looks like a rat’s nest, we can help you get it in shape so you can rely on it.

Connect with us so we can learn about your needs and provide an estimate.


We are based in Texas, but can provide services anywhere in the United States.  Once we have you running efficiently, we can scale back and support you remotely and only dispatch as needed to keep costs down.

We are happy to serve all size companies instead of focusing on the big fish.  We enjoy building strong relationships and becoming a trusted partner that you can rely on.

After we assess your environment, we will provide recommendations based on priority.  We are happy to work with you to make changes over time and don’t pressure our customers. 

Costs are dependent on the environment and the number of users.  However, we pride ourselves in serving our clients and will work with you to create the right sized support model.

Just contact us and we’ll have a candid conversation about your needs.  We begin with working with you to understand your environment and needs and provide an assessment of our recommendations.

We generally do not require a contract length and believe that our service will provide the motivation to continue.  If you’re not happy, we are not doing our job right.

You don't have to do it alone.

Many businesses think it is cost prohibitive to have quality help, but think about how much lost productivity you have had when IT issues arise.  Don’t go it alone, let’s partner together and eliminate your IT pain!