Cyber Security

Protect your Business

It is scary to look at the statistics on Cyber Crime and it continues to get worse.  Secure your business and your future to prevent irreputable harm.

  • In 2021, a business fell victim to ransomware every 11 seconds.
  • Ransomware cost the world $20 billion in 2021. That number is expected to rise to $265 billion by 2031.
  • In 2021, 37 percent of all businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware.
  • Recovering from a ransomware attack cost businesses $1.85 million on average in 2021.
  • Out of all ransomware victims, 32 percent pay the ransom, but only get 65 percent of their data back.
  • Only 57 percent of businesses are successful in recovering their data using a backup.

Network Security

Simply thinking your network is working fine and thus is secure is a dangerous posture.  If you don’t have best of class network switches, firewalls and wireless access points like those made by Fortinet, you are surely at risk.

Good security doesn’t have to cost a lot.  With a small investment, even small businesses can have industry leading protection from Cyber Security threats.

Don’t wait, we can share an enormous number of examples of businesses that failed to act to only come in search of help later.  Don’t wait and let Azuris security your network now.

EndPoint Security

It has become painfully clear in recent years that human nature will never change.  The curiosity of humans is part of our DNA and thus users will always click a link or open an attachment.

You can protect your business even from human nature with good EndPoint Security.

We’re not talking about traditional Antivirus that is very reactionary, but modern EndPoint Security that only allows known good applications to run and blocks anything else.

Another approach is Zero Trust, which again assumes everything is bad unless it is known to be good.

This is a very inexpensive technology that is critical in securing the most vulnerable area of your business – users and endpoint devices.

Secure Cloud Applications & Email

Even the Cloud needs secured as bad actors can gain access to your Cloud Apps like Microsoft 365 and applications just like users.

Add the proper level of security to ensure the benefits of the Cloud that help your business don’t become a target for cyber crime.


We are based in Texas, but can provide services anywhere in the United States.  Once we have you running efficiently, we can scale back and support you remotely and only dispatch as needed to keep costs down.

We are happy to serve all size companies instead of focusing on the big fish.  We enjoy building strong relationships and becoming a trusted partner that you can rely on.

After we assess your environment, we will provide recommendations based on priority.  We are happy to work with you to make changes over time and don’t pressure our customers. 

Costs are dependent on the environment and the number of users.  However, we pride ourselves in serving our clients and will work with you to create the right sized support model.

Just contact us and we’ll have a candid conversation about your needs.  We begin with working with you to understand your environment and needs and provide an assessment of our recommendations.

We generally do not require a contract length and believe that our service will provide the motivation to continue.  If you’re not happy, we are not doing our job right.

You don't have to do it alone.

Many businesses think it is cost prohibitive to have quality help, but think about how much lost productivity you have had when IT issues arise.  Don’t go it alone, let’s partner together and eliminate your IT pain!