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Who We Are

Azuris was founded in 2014 with a single mission: to provide Enterprise level IT services to all companies regardless of size and to eliminate their IT pain. We approach each of our clients with the same desire to provide solutions based on your unique needs.

We are seasoned IT professionals that focus on making customer service our top priority to build long-lasting relationships that are counted on year after year.  We have forged strong partnerships with leading vendors to provide the very best products and services that you can be sure are reliable.

Our first goal with any new customer is to understand your needs and fill in gaps with education of industry leading technologies and how they can create a more reliable, safe and stable environment for your business.


IT Support Services

Our Mission

Customer Service is Top Priority

At Azuris, we understand that technology is ever changing and dealing with it can be challenging.  We look to help our clients as a trusted partner, versus just another vendor.  We never forget who the customer is and ensure that you are happy with our services.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving into the future.  We believe many IT Service companies have lost sight of what “Service” really means.  We will serve you and will strive to become your trusted and reliable partner.

As a Veteran Owned Business, we truly understand service and appreciate all those that have served in our military.  We proudly look for veterans to join our team knowing their work ethic and commitment to the team and mission will reflect in our service to our customers.

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Many small and medium size companies feel stuck with an IT “guy” or company that is simply not at the level the company requires.  Everyone at Azuris are seasoned professionals that come from the Enterprise IT space where their skills have been honed, perfected and proven.  Most have worked for fortune 100 companies and now will bring that expertise to work for you.

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